Mulga Rail Spur

The Mulga Rail Spur will be developed by HanRoy on behalf of Roy Hill Infrastructure who will operate this new heavy haul rail line connecting Mulga Hub to Roy Hill’s existing mainline through to Port Hedland.

Access to rail transport can make or break project economics, and to date the handful of producers who have invested in their own heavy haul rail systems have traditionally held that advantage close to their chest.

That is what makes the Mulga Rail Spur such a unique proposition and an outstanding opportunity for the broader Pilbara iron ore industry to benefit from the forward thinking of Hancock Prospecting companies.


A dedicated HanRoy project team is currently undertaking feasibility studies incorporating engineering, operational integration planning, capital cost estimates and approvals (environmental, heritage and native title).

The Rail Spur was referred to the WA Environmental Protection Authority and federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water in December 2022.

Two Rail Spur alignments were referred to provide flexibility and certainty in allowing development to proceed while stakeholder consultation with relevant Traditional Owner groups and land holder access negotiations are finalised.  Only one of the two Rail Spur alignments will be constructed and operated.

Traditional Owners, including the Banjima, Kariyarra and Palyku People, indicated their preference for Alignment Option 8B. Its proximity to the existing FMG Solomon Rail Spur and Great Northern Highway has the potential to take advantage of existing disturbed land, resulting in the least impact to country. Alignment 8B is also supported by the majority of other relevant third party stakeholders.

Roy Hill supports the wishes of the Banjima People and is seeking the support and cooperation of FMG to enable the necessary land access and engineering designs to progress.

Infrastructure overview

  • 70km single heavy haul track
  • Passing loops
  • Sidings
  • Fibre optic cable
  • Telecommunications towers
  • Access tracks
  • Borrow pits
  • Laydown areas

HanRoy is part of Hancock Prospecting

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