HanRoy is firmly focused on meeting our responsibilities and obligations in all facets of our project lifecycle, including Indigenous consultation as well as environmental land management.

Our work supports the ongoing secure supply of minerals essentials to our daily lives today, and into the future.

Mining Essential to Achieving Net Zero

Hancock Prospecting’s project and operational mining activities are critical to securing the minerals essential for everyday life and essential to be able to build renewable energy projects.

The mining industry produces the primary products required for the generation, distribution and delivery of renewable energy. The first step in the supply chain to create solar panels and wind turbines and EV batteries begins with mining companies like Atlas Iron and Roy Hill. HanRoy’s mandate as the growth engine for Hancock Prospecting is also instrumental as the demand for minerals to support the energy transitions ever expands.

It is important to follow the science. We are 100% compliant with all legislation and regulations established by the government targeting a reduction of emissions by 43% below 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2050. This includes plans required by regulators to reduce emissions from our mining operations over time, which are consistent with the broader government targets.

An example of Hancock’s commitment is that Roy Hill was the first mining company in the Pilbara to place an order for battery powered locomotives. Hancock Prospecting needs locomotives to carry the iron ore from our inland mines to the port in Port of Hedland to export and contribute to the $150 billion of annual iron ore export revenue generated by miners in Australia. The first battery locomotive will be delivered in 2023.

Roy Hill has also partnered with haul truck manufacturers to investigate electrification of the haulage fleet, replacing diesel. Haul trucks represents the largest component of emissions in the mining process.

As a significant member of Australia’s mining industry, we alongside other miners comply with rigorous multi-layered regulations in order to develop new projects or maintain operations.

Traditional Owner Consultation

We are actively involved in providing support to communities where we are undertaking project activity, as well as many others across the Pilbara and further afield. We consult with Traditional Owners and Indigenous communities to build a better future for all, this includes having dedicated business coaching and mentoring programs to establish and ensure the ongoing success of Indigenous Businesses and the significant flow on benefits of secure employment and financial security for Aboriginal people.

Further to our community development activities, HanRoy proactively consults with Traditional Owners to ensure all of the necessary approvals are in place that ensure the unique cultural heritage of each Traditional Owner group is recognised and protected. Before being able to progress project studies and development, HanRoy is required to consult and reach agreement with Traditional Owners before activity can proceed.

Land Management

Australia has a comprehensive regulatory framework that encompasses the management of the environment including flora, fauna, water, landscape, rehabilitation and carbon emissions, native title, and cultural heritage engagement.

Hancock Prospecting is a responsible mining company, having developed and maintained trusted relationships over many decades, fully complying with all of its obligations.

HanRoy is part of Hancock Prospecting

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