Gina Rinehart’s personal tragedy a win for City of Perth Government news

(L-R) Roy Hill CEO Gerhard Veldsman; Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas; Hancock Prospecting and Roy Hill Executive Chairman Gina Rinehart (Image supplied by City of of Perth)

City of Perth’s fleet of waste trucks is getting a safety upgrade with a helping hand from mining magnate Gina Rinehart.

Ms Rinehart, executive chairman of Hancock Prospecting, which is the majority owner of the mega Pilbara-based Roy Hill iron ore mine, has funded new technology designed to reduce accidents following the death of a friend’s brother in an accident with a garbage truck on the east coast.

The technology uses sensors on the side and rear of the truck to give drivers visual and audible warnings.

“Having felt the pain of a dear friend mourning the tragic loss of his much-loved brother, I certainly hope that this new solution will play an important part in others not having to go through similar tragic circumstances,” Ms Rinehart said.

The collision mitigation system was provided by Perth based company APS Lighting & Safety, who worked with engineers from Roy Hill.

The technology has been successfuly trialed on Perth’s streets over the last four weeks and all the City’s waste trucks will now be upgraded with the new features.

City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas said he was thrilled to see the technology rolled out, and that it would held help drivers navigate narrow streets and laneways more safely.

“This technology, designed especially to prevent collisions, gives our drivers the assurance that they can get the job done safely and efficiently,” he said.

Ms Rinehart thanked Cr Zempilas for turning the project into a reality after she approached Council with an offer.

“I had no doubt that through the determination and commitment of our people at Roy a solution could be developed which will have a lasting and significant safety legacy in Perth,” Mrs Rinehart said.

“Hancock Prospecting and Roy Hill has a fantastic association with the Lord Mayor and the City of Perth, and this is another significant achievement we can be proud to have worked together to deliver.”

The City expects to roll out the new technology in the coming months following a procurement process.


HanRoy is part of Hancock Prospecting

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